We are very proud to be sponsoring an event which sees members of the public invited to watch and take part in an eight-hour session of martial arts in memory of a young man who tragically died of heart-related illness.

Sports mad James Hux was just 33 when he died whilst cycling to work in 2015.

Most shockingly, fit and healthy James showed no warning signs that he was suffering from any kind of heart condition and his death left his family and friends bereft. 

His close friend, Alysa Freeman, who works in our marketing team, is organising the event which takes place in the Born Fit centre in Camborne, Cornwall on November 10.

Due to his active lifestyle the very last thing anyone who knew James would have expected was for him to be at risk of suffering cardiac issues.

But, sadly, life-threatening cardiac problems in young and healthy people are not as rare as you might assume.

According to charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) at least 12 young people in the UK die every week due to undiagnosed heart conditions.

What’s more, CRY reports that 1 in 300 young people will have a potentially life-threatening heart condition.

The eight-hour session of mixed martial arts is for anyone who wants to take part and show their support for CRY in James’s memory and try their hand (and feet) at a range of disciplines such as kick boxing, stick fighting, grappling or bag work with punch bags.

For more information and to donate money please CLICK HERE or search for #HuxCrux18