We have launched a new technical service for our dairy farming clients. The Dairy Technical Performance Report is the latest recent addition to the range of expertise offered by our Agricultural Consultancy Service. It gives farmers in-depth analysis of their milk data and provides technical advice on how yield can be increased and operations made more efficient.

The Agricultural Consultancy team reports on the outcome of a dairy farm’s milk yield and uses the data gathered to identify particular areas where management might be improved. This can then lead to improvements in performance, and ultimately, profitability.

Each month, an individual report is prepared, analysing areas such as milk production and feeding efficiencies, milk quality and energy requirements, somatic cell count and fertility.

We began developing the Dairy Technical Performance Report in October last year. Now that the service has been tested and developed for optimum use, we are offering it to clients across the region.

Peter Brown, Director of the Agricultural Consultancy Service said: “We launched the Dairy Technical Performance Report to enable a quick response to the milk data that is collected every month.

“There is so much data when it comes to milk recording, which can be confusing. We analyse the data and produce a report with key action points.

“The level of interest from clients has been high, with people asking that our regular visits coincide with the production of the latest reports.”

A number of farms are already making use of the new service, one of which is Battledown Farm in North Devon. Peter Brown, and his colleague Nikki Smale have been working closely with Kate Dymond and her family for the past three years.

As a result of tighter management at Battledown Farm, yields are increasing monthly and feed utilisation is improving. This report has been a big factor in these improvements.

The farm has 250 cows, as well as 100 young stock, and farms over 145 hectares – 39 of which are owned by the family. It supplies Crediton Dairy with milk, with 80% of its income coming from milk sales.

Kate said: “Working with the Agricultural Consultancy Service has driven us forward, made us more sustainable and given me more confidence.

“Thomas Westcott provide us with a rounded service. Other consultancy firms would simply come in and give us information, then leave us to it. Peter, on the other hand, will be constantly available, helping us to assess what we have done and advising us on what we plan to do next.

“Peter has pushed us to focus on improving cow comfort, which has led to much improved cow welfare including reduced cases of lameness, mastitis and metabolic diseases. We have also seen much higher levels of milk yield per cow and reduced calving index, which is something that milk buyers and consumers now focus more on.”

Look out for our Battledown Farm case study coming to our website soon.

To find out more about our Dairy Technical Performance Report, please contact a member of our Agricultural Consultancy Team or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.