We know that many of you will require additional help during these challenging times and we want to reassure you that we are here, ready to provide you with that assistance and are committed to ensuring the continuity of our services to you. 

For the well-being of our own teams we have decided to close our offices to anyone outside of the firm but we continue to be at the end of the telephone or on email. Please contact us using your normal office contact number and your call will be answered. In addition, all of our partner mobile numbers are on our website. Anyone wishing to drop off their records, please call us and this can be arranged. 

To help you during this time, we will be posting Coronavirus related content on our Insights page which will include useful information to help individuals and all types of businesses get advice as to what actions to take. This will be updated daily but in addition, please do call us for assistance. We are here to help! 


By Managing Partner, Shona Godefroy