Thomas Westcott is proud to be supporting the SW Innovation Expo on 14 October and sponsoring the Innovation Showcase. 

The SW Innovation Expo is an important event for the region. The South West is fast developing a reputation as a technology and innovation hub and we recognise the importance of this for the region’s economic growth and prosperity. 

The ambitious event, which takes place at Exeter’s Sandy Park, gives local businesses, entrepreneurs and innovators a chance to get together to inspire innovation and drive ideas forward. Given the impact of the pandemic, it’s particularly important to have an event of this kind to bring people back together and inspire collaboration. 

Nurturing innovation

Supporting this event is just one way we’re meeting our aim of being at the forefront of innovation and change. As a forward-thinking firm, we actively support new ventures across the South West and help our more established clients adapt and innovate.

As accountants and business advisors we are in the very fortunate position of working with many clients who are at the forefront of innovation. It’s exciting to help new ventures prosper and ideas develop. It’s also extremely rewarding to support our longstanding clients to move to new ways of working.

One way in which we’re really making a difference is supporting South West businesses to move to cloud accounting. Our new digital offering goes far beyond data entry and includes budgeting and forecasting tools. The aim is to really give businesses control over their figures so they can make informed decisions.

Sponsoring the Innovation Showcase 

As sponsors of the Innovation Showcase, we’re particularly excited to see what new innovations businesses and entrepreneurs bring to the expo. This part of the event gives delegates a chance to experience the most exciting new technology developed by the region’s most innovative start-ups and businesses. 

We know that, for some, this will be the first time they have taken their product or idea to an event. Here are some tips for those entrepreneurs who are preparing to introduce their new technology at the Innovation Showcase.

  • Be clear about the product or service that you are developing and the benefits it brings.
  • Be mindful of any obstacles you need to overcome in communicating your product or service. Remember, you will need to explain it to someone who has no knowledge of the field.
  • Take advantage of the seminars that form part of the event – these are a really valuable source of information.
  • Talk to as many attendees as you can, be they stallholders, presenters, investors or other attendees. Keep an open mind as you never know what helpful information you may pick up
  • Network as much as you can – the people you meet at SW Innovation Expo could be vital for you now and in the future.

We look forward to meeting up with old friends and new at this year’s SW Innovation Expo.

By Patrick Tigwell, Partner